Packaging Long Needles

How to Buy Brittany Needles

We do not sell direct, however, there is probably a store near you that carries our products, as well as many mail order catalogs and online shops. Below is a map of shops that carry Brittany needles and hooks. For suggested retail prices see the chart on the products page.

We have made the conscious decision that our needles will only be available through independently owned businesses like your local yarn shop. Our products have never been sold in any chain or big box stores.

There are many places to find Brittany needles online. Here are some of them:
Yarn Barn of Kansas
Mendocino Yarn Shop (Our LYS! Call or email and they will ship any of our products)
The Knitters Hideout (Call or email, a good source for walnut needles)
The Websters
Earth Guild
Jimmy Beans Wool
Village Spinning & Weaving
Grandma’s Knit and Crochet
Kay’s Crochet Patterns
Rose’s Fine Yarns
The Gourmet Yarn Shop (Israel)
Laughing Hens (UK based)
The Little Wool Company (UK)

Wholesale information (Merchant inquiries only)
If you are a shop owner we have several distributors that carry the full line of BRITTANY needles and hooks. Any one of them will be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding prices, sizes, availability, terms, etc.
U.S. Distributors
Accessories Unlimited (Massachusetts) 508-430-4327,
Bryson Distributing (Oregon) 800-544-8992,
Notions Marketing (Michigan) 800-748-0250,

International Distributors
Estelle Yarns (Canada) 416-298-9922,,
Extraordinary Yarns (Australia) 61 3 5979 1555
Koelner Wollboerse (Germany)
Xingtai Lotus Cashmere Co.,ltd (China)

Map of Retail Stores
We do our best to keep this map current. Phone numbers are included so you can verify store hours and BRITTANY stock.
To search the map by location and to make it easier to read open it in a new window by clicking here.
If you find a discrepancy or if you are a store that sells our products and would like to be added to this map please send us an email